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Mental and Physical health are inextricably linked.

While we openly talk about physical health, see no shame in seeking medical advice or talking to our family and friends, mental health is still shrouded in shame, misunderstanding and embarrassment.

Our mission as the The Mighty Mile is to use the world of physical health to shine a light on mental health.

We will use our strength to help those weaker than ourselves

We will take on physical challenges to show a physical, tangible struggle reminiscent of the struggle with mental health.

We will use these challenges to raise funds that will be given to carefully selected mental health charities and services.

And together, we can bring Mental Health out from the shadows to a place where it can be dealt with in the most appropriate manner.


This Sunday Ciara Heneghan and the Kyokushin Karate group she trains with will be doing their Mile for Mental Health.

You can support them as they support us by making a donation through our PayPal account: donations@themightymile.com
or using the donation buttons on www.themightymile.com

The Mighty Mile

January 14, 2018, 1:00pm

The Mighty Mile will be a great event to start 2018. Do a mile of exercise, that will challenge you physically and mentally, around the track here in Westport's own Sports Complex, in aid of the very worthy and very important mental health services. There will be a list of exercises to choose from which I will post regularly on the event page.

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Christmas can be lonely, dangerous and stressful for some people. Look at all these free services that are available to help. If Christmas will be a happy time for you, consider donating please.

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