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Mental and Physical health are inextricably linked.

While we openly talk about physical health, see no shame in seeking medical advice or talking to our family and friends, mental health is still shrouded in shame, misunderstanding and embarrassment.

Our mission as the The Mighty Mile is to use the world of physical health to shine a light on mental health.

We will use our strength to help those weaker than ourselves

We will take on physical challenges to show a physical, tangible struggle reminiscent of the struggle with mental health.

We will use these challenges to raise funds that will be given to carefully selected mental health charities and services.

And together, we can bring Mental Health out from the shadows to a place where it can be dealt with in the most appropriate manner.


Exercise, training and community are three of the best things you can do for your mental health.

Join Stephen Geddes at TheGym Ballina for this great event for a great cause

Roll 4 Mental Health

October 28, 2017, 12:00pm - October 28, 2017, 3:00pm

Roll for Mental Health...🤼‍♀️ The idea is to create awareness and show people that they do not have to feel isolated and alone. Find something you love doing that involves you being with people and devote your time to it. Forget about aesthetics and the way you look and devote your time to FEELING great. The positive benefits to moving more and surrounding yourself with positive people is unfathomable until you have experienced it. There is always somebody willing to listen. 'It's ok to not be ok...but it's not ok to not talk about it'.❤️ There will be a table with coffee☕️ & biscuits🍪 and everybody is welcome to come along and support. We will have a bucket collection for anybody wishing to come along and spectate only😀 €10 to participate and we'd be eternally grateful for those that can pop along and support🙏 Contact Steve on 087-3602002 for more info.

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We're proud to know Kevin Shanahan Progum through his gum shield fitting business.

The world needs more Kevins

Kevin Shanahan spends his time making free dentures for the homeless… what a hero! If you know someone, or have done a good deed yourself, that you think should be featured in the show, get in touch below! #RHdeeds #HowardHour

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Don't be afraid to admit you need help

Don't be afraid to reach out and offer help


Well said Chris. An incredibly brave and honest account of his battle with depression.

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Adrian Summers talks about how physical exercise helps him deal with past mental and physical traumas in a way medication never could.


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A big shout to the guys at Lunch! cafe on Lombard street

They provided the sandwiches for last Saturday and today told me that they were a gift and to stop pestering them for an invoice .

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